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The experts at have developed this guide to help you better understand the terms used when discussing Tennessee sports betting revenue and handle. The state releases those figures monthly.

Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill to legalize sports betting in April 2019, and the law officially took effect on July 1, 2019. The first sportsbooks opened in the state in November 2020. The Volunteer State was the first to legalize online wagering only and exclude brick-and-mortar establishments from setting up shop.

Currently, there are 13 operators, some with Tennessee sportsbook promos available, licensed to take wager in the state. The most recent was ZenSports, which was approved in May 2023.

Tennessee Sports Betting, April vs. March


Total Handle

Privilege tax








Down 19.3%

Down 19.3%

Note: Tennessee’s sports betting market is all mobile. The state no longer reports monthly revenue, only handle and taxes. 

Tennessee sports betting slowed down in April as the state’s Sports Wagering Advisory Council reported licensed online operators took $380,904,093 in bets for the month. That was down 19.3% from March ($471,988,272), which benefitted from the NCAA college basketball tournaments.

Still, on a year-to-year basis, April’s handle was 19.6% higher than what the state reported for the same month last year. The handle, or amount wagered, was $318.4 million in April 2023.

State taxes for April were $7,029,494. Since Tennessee now generates its tax off of the handle and not revenue, the tax receipts were also down by 19.3%. In April 2023, when the state still collected a 20% tax on adjusted gross revenues, the state received $6,435,653.

The change in the handle tax went into effect last July. Had the handle tax been in effect last April, Tennessee would have received $5,890,700, a decrease of about 8.5%.

Tennessee no longer reports operator revenues, which is why BetTennessee can no longer update the month-by-month chart below.

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